Meadowview Farmer Talks Growing Hops


MEADOWVIEW, Va. — Time passes like a slow moving freight train through the sleepy town of Mea-dowview.

Drive by the Farmall red Meadowview Farmers’ Guild building. Ease across train tracks, which parallel Meadowview’s long silent, white paint-peeling train depot.

Navigate a road with more curves than Hollywood’s finest breath-taker. Turn here, turn there. Pass pickup trucks whose drivers still wave, corn fields whose stalks are as green as money and fences as white as blank paper.

Through one of those fences and down a long drive on the back deck of his mother’s house stood 35-year-old Justen Kelly Dick, hops farmer.

“It’s where we gravitate to,” said Dick, as he adjusted his Wolf Hills Brewing cap.


Melissa Meyers