Committed to quality, locally grown hops.


The Old Dominion Hops Co-Op is a welcoming group of farmers who are excited about the growth of the craft beer industry in Virginia, Maryland & North Carolina, and want to support it by providing fresh local hops to brewers.

Together we can provide a local, sustainable crop that will benefit farmers, brewers, and local beer enthusiasts. There are currently less than a dozen varieties of hops that are grown on Virginia farms and sold to local breweries.

Most of the hops are sold as "wet" hops fresh from the harvest field and need to be used in the brewing process within 48 hours of picking. But we have over 200 growers who are building the industry in this region and we are all committed to quality, local hops that are available to brewers as pellets, dried whole cone, or fresh wet hops.

In addition to sharing information between local hop farmers, we have received assistance from (and are working collaboratively with) county extension agents from Virginia Tech and the Virginia Department of Agriculture as well as the University of North Carolina. In addition to growing and selling hops, our efforts extend to raising awareness of growing hops for farmers who have available land and want to explore being part of the craft beer industry.




2019 Leadership Team

Dixon Leatherbury | Green Diamond Hops
Randy Green| Immediate Past Chairman

Vice Chairman
Justen Dick | Kelly Ridge Farm

Jane Eickhoff | Cobler View Farm

Stan Driver | Hoot ‘n Holler Hops

Board Members
Herb Atwell | Mountain Valley Hops
John Bryce | Lupulin Exchange
Jane Eickhoff | Cobbler View Farm
Walt Hopkins | Cave Hill Farm Stables
Leif Johnston| Rappahannock Hops
Martha Lappin | Honey Hill Hops
Laura Siegle* | Virginia Cooperative Extension, Agent Faculty, Amelia County
Holly Scoggins**, PhD | Associate Professor, Horticulture, Virginia Tech
Laban Rutto*** | Virginia State University Agricultural Research Programs
Jeanie Davis+ | NC State University Crop Research & Extension Center

*Virginia Cooperative Extension Service Representative
**Virginia Tech Representative
***Virginia State University Representative
+North Carolina State University Representative